How to Stop the Swelling after an Oral Surgery

Anyone who says that tooth problems aren’t painful at all is a liar. A single aching tooth can radiate pain all over the body. Now, a fool would probably take a large amount of morphine to escape the pain. But that just won’t do. Taking that much painkillers is dangerous, not to mention illegal. You can choose to be a lazy fool, and eventually lose all your teeth. Or you can save yourself the trouble and see your dentist about it.

Unfortunately, your pain doesn’t stop the moment your dentist or oral surgeon extracts the damaged tooth or ends a gum surgery. You still have to squirm for 2 days to a week before you can see yourself past the excruciating pain. Of course, pain is relative to every patient of oral surgery, mostly depending on the patient’s tolerance to pain. It also depends on the performance of the oral surgeon operating on your surgery. Be sure to pick a credible dentist or oral surgeon to save yourself from any additional pain.

You may experience a lot of bleeding and swelling on your post-oral surgery. Dentists just usually advice patients to press gauze pad on the concerned area. However, if there’s still bleeding after 4 hours, you should call your dentist. Swelling, on the other hand, can be remedied at home.


Cold compress

Apply cold compress on the swollen area of your face. Be sure to do this a day after your surgery. You can wrap ice cubes in a towel and use it for your cold compress. Keep it on the swollen area for 10 minutes. Rest for a while and then apply the cold compress again. Continue doing this procedure for the whole day.

Warm compress

Perform warm compress on the second day after your surgery. Be careful not switch the days. When you apply warm compress on the first 24 hours after the surgery, your swelling will just get worse. You can wrap a towel on a heating pad and use it for your warm compress. This will increase blood circulation and will eventually ease the swelling.

Call your dentist

If the swelling continues even after you’ve applied the above remedies, call your Washington DC dentist. The swelling is supposed to go down within the next 2–7 days after the surgery. Don’t you dare shrug this off. There might be complications in the surgery that can be dangerous when not addressed.

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