Why Unwanted Pregnancy and Abortion Exist

It is hard to believe that unwanted pregnancies happen accidentally. Tch. Don’t give me that lame excuse. Of course, there are various reasons why they happen. A baby is not formed out of magic or any sort of incantation. A baby is a product of a union of one female and one male. However, although there are numerous ways to avoid conception after an intercourse, many people still choose not to care and foolishly end up in a situation that prompts them to make a decision. That is, to go or not to go to an abortion clinic. But why take the time to worry when you can actually prevent all the dramas from happening?

By knowing the defects, we aim to know what should be rightfully done. Enjoy this list of pointers below and be guided on which aspects you are doing well and which ones you are not. You could call it a guide for evaluation. Let’s begin, shall we?

Poor Self-Control

If you have many things in mind against abortion, at least make a move to keep yourself away from a situation where you will end up swallowing your well-broadcasted principles because of the lack of options. If you don’t want to find yourself in an abortion clinic a few years from now, then you can consider abstinence as a precautionary measure not to have unwanted pregnancy. It is a tested and proven method – and the cheapest, to say the least – to counteract something that is considered problematic to some people especially those who are not yet ready to commit to becoming parents. The options all start in letter A. Adoption, abortion and abstinence. Pick one!

Poor Access To Birth Control

Aside from people who opt to use the natural way of birth control, there are also those who are not aware enough of the options, thus, they are left helpless while they set up their appointment schedules in each of their favored abortion clinics. The latter shows how seriously needed age-appropriate sex education is. While many still disapprove of the idea, many high school institutions have already started spreading the word to the youth about the dangers of sex and the corresponding preventions they can have to remain safe during the process. This includes the explanation of the different contraception methods.

Poor Family Planning Methods

The same with what has been said in the former paragraph, awareness is important not only to one age group but to everyone who is capable of reproduction. However, it is somewhat different within each family set-up. It is when a husband and a wife strategically and practically plan about the number of kids they would like to have with the regards to the means of living they can provide to the children. It’s actually more of a long-term planning that would include many factors to consider. Pills, condoms – there are many options. Responsibilities double up and the last thing a couple would like to think about is the payment they’d have to pay for the services being offered by an abortion clinic.

Everyone is responsible to everything that’s going on in their lives. It is always a stimulus-response process. What you sow is definitely what you reap. If you think you are not ready to become a parent yet, and that you can’t handle going inside an abortion clinic in Virginia, you must consider at least one of the suggestions mentioned above.


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